La Martre (Cap-au-Renard)

Six kilometres of dazzling coastline separate the two communities that make up this municipality. Approaching from the west, you first come to Cap-au-Renard, a small community of inspiring people. The Cap-au-Renard chapel, a true jewel of local heritage, remains an important gathering place that comes alive each summer with the celebration of Quebec’s national holiday and the harvest festival as well as the regular mass. The shingle beach at Cap-au-Renard is a delightful place for a relaxing stroll.

Continuing eastward, a roadside stop to enjoy the Voile de la mariée (bridal veil) waterfall is a must. From the falls, you can already see the famous red lighthouse of La Martre, built entirely of wood and still in use today. Visitors can climb the lighthouse to take in the breathtaking views. This enchanting site is also home to a shop offering regional products in what was once the lighthouse keeper’s house.

Archaeological excavations in La Martre have uncovered traces of its rich history stretching back to the Paleoindian period, between 8,000 and 10,000 years ago.

Population: 208 (2023)
Populace name: Martrien, Martrienne
Area: 178.30 km2
Year founded: 1923

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