Rivière-à-Claude (Ruisseau-à-Rebours)

The Rivière-à-Claude municipality is known for its welcoming residents and hospitable atmosphere. It’s impossible to go through the village without noticing the Pierre Drapeau lookout, the perfectly relaxed spot to have a picnic or just sit and listen to the waves.

Take a few moments to walk along the beach, too. If you’re lucky enough to see one of the spectacular sunsets, it’s sure to remain engraved in your memory forever. You can also take the trail to the cross and take in the panoramic view of the village and the river.

Peacefulness and pleasure are the distinguishing features of this lovely Haut-Gaspésie village.


Population: 143
Populace name: Glaude-Arbourois
Area: 156.05 km2
Year founded: 1923

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