Standing proudly on a headland overlooking the tidal flats, the Madeleine lighthouse is open to the public. A museum and a craft shop are also found on this stunningly beautiful site. Revered by salmon fishermen, the Rivière Madeleine has another fascinating feature for visitors to discover: carved into the rock at the Grand-Sault waterfall, 11 kilometres upstream of the town, is the longest underground fishway in the world. A quiet community of remarkable beauty, Sainte-Madeleine offers accommodations for every taste and a distinctively regional cuisine.

Kayakers and other users of the Route bleue can enjoy the facilities of the marina, the rest area and the multi-use fishing harbour. And who knows, around the marina, you just might hear a few whopping fish tales!

At the eastern end of the municipality is Manche-d’Épée, a picturesque village in a valley whose mild microclimate allows fruit trees and lush gardens to grow. The valley is also home to an ecological reserve.

Population: 279
Populace name: Madeleinoriverains, Madeleinoriveraines
Area: 261.12 km2
Year founded: 1915

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