Standing proudly on a headland overlooking the tidal flats, the Madeleine lighthouse is open to the public. A museum and a craft shop are also found on this stunningly beautiful site. Revered by salmon fishermen, the Rivière Madeleine has another fascinating feature for visitors to discover: carved into the rock at the Grand-Sault waterfall, 11 kilometres upstream of the town, is the longest underground fishway in the world. A quiet community of remarkable beauty, Sainte-Madeleine offers accommodations for every taste and a distinctively regional cuisine.

Kayakers and other users of the Route bleue can enjoy the facilities of the marina, the rest area and the multi-use fishing harbour. And who knows, around the marina, you just might hear a few whopping fish tales!

At the eastern end of the municipality is Manche-d’Épée, a picturesque village in a valley whose mild microclimate allows fruit trees and lush gardens to grow. The valley is also home to an ecological reserve.

Population: 279
Populace name: Madeleinoriverains, Madeleinoriveraines
Area: 261.12 km2
Year founded: 1915

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Designated an official “village-relais,” Saint-Maxime-du-Mont-Louis offers a wide variety of quality services for travellers, including restaurants, lodging, grocery store, gas station with garage, ATM, health clinic, drugstore and hardware store.

A major fishing port in the eighteenth century, Mont-Louis continues its maritime tradition with two fish-processing plants: Cusimer, supplied by about fifteen independent fishermen, and Atkins, recognized worldwide for its high-quality smoked seafood products.

There are two other communities within the municipality. In Anse-Pleureuse, just four kilometres to the east, visitors can enjoy a lakeside picnic area. A bit further along the coast, Gros-Morne is home to an impressive colony of black guillemots. It is not uncommon for residents of the area to see whales just offshore from their homes. In 2012, the largest wind farm in Canada was inaugurated in the nearby mountains, producing 211.5 MW with 141 wind turbines.

Population: 1,131
Populace name: Mont-Louisiens, Mont-Louisiennes
Area: 230.31 km2
Year founded: 1884

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Rivière-à-Claude (Ruisseau-à-Rebours)

The Rivière-à-Claude municipality is known for its welcoming residents and hospitable atmosphere. It’s impossible to go through the village without noticing the Pierre Drapeau lookout, the perfectly relaxed spot to have a picnic or just sit and listen to the waves.

Take a few moments to walk along the beach, too. If you’re lucky enough to see one of the spectacular sunsets, it’s sure to remain engraved in your memory forever. You can also take the trail to the cross and take in the panoramic view of the village and the river.

Peacefulness and pleasure are the distinguishing features of this lovely Haut-Gaspésie village.


Population: 143
Populace name: Glaude-Arbourois
Area: 156.05 km2
Year founded: 1923

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The spectacular natural beauty of Mont-Saint-Pierre has sealed its reputation as a first-rate tourist destination. Its majestic cliffs overlooking the sea are a favourite hang gliding and paragliding site for enthusiasts from around the world. Every summer, they flock to the area to celebrate free flight at the Fête de vol libre. During the festival, those who want to discover these thrilling sports can try an introductory tandem flight.

The area is crisscrossed by more than fifty kilometres of hiking trails, including the prestigious International Appalachian Trail. It is also a mountain-biking and quadding paradise. In winter, snowmobilers can explore to their heart’s content and skiers can enjoy the thrills of backcountry ski trips.

This beautiful glacial valley also provides great access to the Réserve faunique des Chic-Chocs and the Mont Jacques-Cartier sector of the Parc national de la Gaspésie.

Population: 170
Populace name: Pierremontais, Pierremontaises
Area: 51.53 km2
Year founded: 1947

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Continuing eastward, the next cove along coast is home to the village of Marsoui, where the forestry industry is still the mainstay of the economy. The area’s large commercial maple groves use state-of-art technology to produce maple syrup. Inland from the coast, anglers will delight in the abundant lakes and rivers, and outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails.

Each July, Marsoui celebrates an arts festival – the Rendez-vous des Arts marsois – in the A.-Couturier park and a local gallery, adding its unique cultural flair to the region. Visitors can also enjoy the diverse accommodations (campground, cottages and B&Bs), restaurants and the Internet cafe.

Population: 266
Populace name: Marsois, Marsoises
Area: 178.64 km2
Year founded: 1950

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Facebook: Municipalité de Marsoui