Brûlerie Mont-Café

Regional coffees from around the world at the foot of the Chic-Choc Mountains. Antoine selects organic beans then carefully roasts them to bring out their unique aromas. Gourmet lovers will find a range of locally roasted coffees with fresh, unique tastes. At the entrance to the Cap-au-Renard village, our coffee counter welcomes summer visitors for a delicious experience!

2 Avenue de la Chapelle, Cap-au-Renard, Québec G0E 1CO

Phone: 418 967-2523



Our coffee counter, La Cafetière, serves a variety of coffee drinks for the perfect pick-me-up! Our menu includes classic filter coffee and espresso, but we also offer several infusion-type coffees (Bodum, AeroPress, etc.) and Nitro Cold Brew, a cold-brewed coffee charged with nitrogen.

Organic, hemp and deca-hemp coffees, variety of local food and herbalism products. Browse gourmet goods made by our village artisans (Coop du cap, Varech Phare Est, Clou de Girafe). We also sell homemade treats and some seasonal products (based on availability). Eat in or take out. Bring your lunch to enjoy a meal on the picnic tables!


from St-Jean to Labor Day. Variable schedule, 5 days/week, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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