Coop du Cap

Coop du Cap brings together more than 100 members from Haute-Gaspésie regional municipality. Established in 2007, the coop was born from the desire to be engaged in our environment both by personal, political and cultural involvement. Our mission statement, set at the beginning, remains more relevant than ever: Promoting a strongly rooted social dynamic which will develop an ecological and supportive culture and economy.   

Coop du Cap has three main programs : Environmental education, culture and community and AgriFood. In the latter, there is the community-supported agriculture (CSA) vegetable boxes project, re-launched this year and a variety of organic hemp products harvested at Les Capucins (oils, salad dressings, healthy snacks, etc.) 

La Martre (Cap-au-Renard), Québec G0E 1C0

Phone: 418 288-5080



Hemp oil, spicy or sweet roasted hemp seeds, hemp and maple dressing, and a fabulous raspberry and ginger sauce. Our products are available in supermarkets, gourmet shops, health food stores and farmers markets throughout the region. The Clou de Girafe herbal tea range.

The Coop is not open to the public, but our products are available in retail outlets year round.

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