La Pointe Sec / La Face B.uvette

La Pointe Sec – Cultural space

La Pointe Sec is a performance space that aims to spread new music and give the emerging artists of Quebec a much-needed platform.

It is devoted to experimentation, development and sharing for various cultural artists and also acts as a musical springboard. This cultural space is a true incubator of musical talent and an essential link for vitality and musical creativity in Quebec.

Without a preference for certain styles, the programming represents, as much as possible, all the artists that make up the cultural mosaic of Quebec. La Pointe Sec defines itself as a multidisciplinary show organizer, but also an important musical laboratory for the artistic vitality of the area and of Quebec.

Its programming is unique, presenting chance encounters between artists as well as offbeat, uncategorizable shows that won’t be seen anywhere else.

40 7e Rue Est, Mont-Louis, Québec G0E 1T0

Phone: 418 797-2137



La Face B.uvette

Next to the show space is a pub where you can taste a selection of craft beers from the area.


Year round.


Shows, concerts, cocktail parties, storytelling festival and more. Bar, café-bistro, Wi-Fi, facility room rental, technical sound services, and more.

Summer season

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