Mine d'agates du mont Lyall

Come and discover another treasure that Gaspésie has to offer…

350 million years ago, lava gushed from the erupting mount Lyall. As it cooled, the minerals crystallized and are now found as volcanic rocks.

Mine d’agates duMont Lyall is located in the Chic-Chocs wildlife reserve – Take Route 299 towards the Parc national de la Gaspésie - Murdochville Junction / Headquarters: 124 Rue des Fonds, Cap-Chat, Québec G0J 1E0

Phone: 418 731-0656 (réservations et service à la clientèle)



Come find your own agates and stock up on semi-precious stones. There is an abundance of agates with beautiful colours. A shop featuring art objects is also on the site. We provide prospecting hammers and a container to carry your geodes to your vehicle.
Two stonecutters are available to cut open your treasures. Bring your lunch!

From June 25 to September 3, 2023. Reservation recommended via our WEB site.

Membership: ATR Gaspésie

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