ZEC de la rivière Madeleine

The salmon fishing along the 60 kilometres of the river upstream from the Grand Sault fishway is managed by the organization La Société de Gestion de la rivière Madeleine. The 76 salmon pools, quality of the fishing and mountainous surroundings make this part of the river a top-rate destination.

2 Rue du Phare, Madeleine-Centre, Québec G0E 1P0

Phone: 418 393-2626
Toll Free: 1 877 993-2626
Fax: 418 393-2769



Salmon fishing is a great sport. Visit our website or see us in person at our headquarters at 2 rue du Phare in Madeleine. We issue fishing permits, explain how to practise the sport and can provide a guide and accommodation (based on availability).

Early July to late September

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