Mme Brûlé (Theater)

Called in for a last-minute replacement, Ms. Brûlé is euphoric at the idea of ​​obtaining her first teaching contract. Her enthusiasm, however, quickly gives way to panic when she realizes that she is the fourth substitute of the year. Her arrival in the class also coincides with the annual parents’ meeting during which she must hand in the report cards which are… nowhere to be found.

In a series of physical comedy numbers, mixing slapstick and object theater, the spectator who sometimes takes on the role of the student, sometimes that of the parent, witnesses the descent into hell of a teacher who clings on despite everything with only one hope, his vocation: to change the world, one child at a time.

Text and interpretation: Évelyne Laniel
Voice: Philippe Gobeil
Director: Jed Tomlinson
External eye (object theater): Mylène Alberto
Lighting design: Élise Neil
Sound design: Jez
Decor and props: Philip De Andrade

Regular: $30 | PSC card: $26 |
17 years and under: $20

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