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Arts, culture, and crafts

There’s no shortage of talent in Haute-Gaspésie! Lovers of cultural leisure, know that you will be fully satisfied by a unique offer which will introduce you to a multitude of artists working in different disciplines.

Arts and Crafts

You haven’t yet found THE souvenir of your vacation? Haute-Gaspésie is full of artists and artisans who put their talent to work to present you with original and unique pieces. Some even open their doors in order to share with you and help you discover their work, their passion! Painting, ceramics, jewelry, glass, beach wood, photography, soaps, you will certainly find the rare gem!

Craftsmen's routes

Keep your eyes on the road, as at certain times of the year, it is not uncommon to see groups of artisans open to the public for special occasions.

Events and shows

Throughout the year, our show presenters ensure that they develop a complete and diverse program that will please young and old alike. Whether indoors, on the terrace, outside or during a festival, the community comes alive thanks to these enthusiasts who share their talents with us.

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