Imagine-toi en ski au sommet d’une montagne : le soleil te réchauffe le visage, l’air est bon, la nature reprend vie autour de toi. Tu prends le temps de respirer en fermant les yeux un instant pour capturer le moment. Et puis, il y a cette sensation forte que tu ressens en faisant tes premiers virages dans la neige, comme du gros sel qui scintille. Ce feeling incroyable, c’est ce que tu vas vivre ici, en Haute-Gaspésie. Alors qu’est-ce que tu attends pour planifier ton séjour ? Fais vite pendant qu’il est encore temps!

Happy with a spring that warms my skin


As a springtime outdoor enthusiast, Paul Piché’s words certainly resonate with you, don’t they? In the Haute-Gaspésie, spring skiing is well and truly underway, snow conditions are excellent, and the festive atmosphere is at its peak!

This is THE time of year when you can eat crab on a mountaintop, ski downhill in a t-shirt all afternoon, and contemplate breathtakingly gorgeous sunsets. A beautiful springtime Haute-Gaspésie extravaganza to experience at least once in your life!

And don’t forget the delightful après-ski, outdoor barbecues, and campfires on the shore after a magical day in the mountains. The locals are warm and welcoming, eager to make your experience here unique and memorable. That’s right, they’re part of the magic too.


The Haute-Gaspésie: THE backcountry skiing destination east of the Rockies! This spring, no matter which area you find yourself in, the ski fanatic in you will be greatly satisfied. This is where it happens!

Hire a guide for a tailor-made experience

Ski Chic-Chocs, a guiding partner in Gaspésie National Park, also offers backcountry mountain skiing in the Chic-Chocs wildlife reserve, in the Mines Madeleine sector.

→ East of Sainte-Anne-des-Monts, the private Cap Castor ski hors-piste area features more than twenty trails for all levels. An exclusive 500-acre territory featuring a cozy refuge and exceptional landscapes.

→ In the backcountry, Expé Aventures offers a variety of backcountry ski packages in the Chic-Chocs wildlife reserve and on Mont Médaille, located between the river and the mighty Chic-Chocs.

→ In Rivière-à-Claude, RAC Outdoor Cooperative offers guided days of backcountry mountain skiing with a snowmobile approach in exclusive sectors as well as a community sector.

→ In the backcountry of Mont-Saint-Pierre, La Vallée Taconique is just the thing for thrill-seekers. In addition to offering transfers by snowmobile, its various areas are designed for skiers of all levels.

→ In the Mont-Louis area, Le Couloir offers guided backcountry skiing services in the Chic-Chocs wildlife reserve, as well as in the mountains in an exclusive sector featuring several trails for skiers of all levels. Wooden jump modules have been integrated into the mature forest to create a one-of-a-kind site in the Haute-Gaspésie.

Nine public sectors: for skiing in total freedom . . . or almost!

The ski areas of Gaspésie National Park and the Chic-Chocs wildlife reserve are accessible by car, combined with an approach ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Each ascent takes about an hour. There are no mechanized lifts, but your efforts will be greatly rewarded! Be sure to hang on to your hat! Here are all the public sector ski areas (for conditions governing access to these sites, click here):

→ The Mur des patrouilleurs in the Mont-Albert sector – Gaspésie National Park
→ The Grande-Cuve in the Mont-Albert sector – Gaspésie National Park
→ The Mont Ernest-Laforce sector – Gaspésie National Park
→ The Mont Macoun sector – Gaspésie National Park
→ Mont Hog’s Back – Chic-Chocs Wildlife Reserve
→ The Mines Madeleine – Chic-Chocs Wildlife Reserve
→ Mont Champs-de-Mars sector – Chic-Chocs Wildlife Reserve *
→ Mont Blanche—Lamontagne sector – Chic-Chocs Wildlife Reserve *
→ Mont Vallières-de-Saint-Réal sector – Chic-Chocs Wildlife Reserve *


Two sectors affiliated with the Fédération québécoise de la montagne et de l’escalade (FQME)
The community sector in Marsoui is vast, easy to access, and offers slopes suitable for all levels;
Mont Lyall, meanwhile, has a 330-metre vertical drop and magnificent glades allowing for a smooth descent.

To ski in these areas, you will need to purchase a daily or seasonal membership available online right here.

Safety tips to follow before heading into the backcountry.

→ Hire a qualified guide to accompany you in the mountains.
→ Consult the Avalanche Québec issued daily by  by clicking here.
→ Use the Ski Haute-Gaspésie app: GOOGLE PLAY, APP STORE.

Questions about your springtime stay in the Haute-Gaspésie? The tourism office is open seven days a week!

Come and experience the springtime extravaganza in the Haute-Gaspésie! Don’t wait any longer to plan your stay!


Collaborator: Myriam Brisson – Audace Marketing

Photos: Ski Chic-Chocs, Regional County Municipality of La Haute-Gaspésie, Chok Images

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