The municipality
of Marsoui

The forestry industry is the mainstay of Marsoui’s economy. The area’s large commercial maple groves use state-of-art technology to produce maple syrup.

In the heart of the village, at the mouth of the Marsoui River, is Alphonse-Couturier Park, featuring old photographs of Marsoui, its history, and its image in words. There is also the ‘Edifice Couturier building, which has an exhibition hall, a local arts and crafts shop, and the reception area for the municipal campground. During the summer season, keep an eye out for the various cultural events held here, where talent shines. With all this on offer, Marsoui intends to set itself apart with a unique cultural component in the region. With Alphonse-Couturier Park dedicated to the arts, as well as the presence of the company Mandoline Hybride (instigator of Salon58 and FURIES – contemporary dance festival), Marsoui aims to become one of the area’s artistic and cultural hubs.

The backcountry is overflowing with possible activities. There are many lakes and rivers for fishing, as well as trails for hiking in the warmer seasons or skiing and snowshoeing in the colder seasons.

Population: 266 (2023)
Demonym: Marsois, Marsoises
Area: 178.64 km2
Year founded: 1950

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