The municipality
of Saint-Maxime-du-Mont-Louis

(Anse-Pleureuse et Saint-Antoine-de-Gros-Morne)

Designated an official “village-relais,” Saint-Maxime-du-Mont-Louis offers a wide variety of quality services for travellers, including restaurants, lodging, grocery store, gas station with garage, ATM, health clinic, drugstore and hardware store.

A major fishing port in the eighteenth century, Mont-Louis continues its maritime tradition with two fish-processing plants: Cusimer, supplied by about fifteen independent fishermen, and Atkins, recognized worldwide for its high-quality smoked seafood products.

There are two other communities within the municipality. In Anse-Pleureuse, just four kilometres to the east, visitors can enjoy a lakeside picnic area. A bit further along the coast, Gros-Morne is home to an impressive colony of black guillemots. It is not uncommon for residents of the area to see whales just offshore from their homes. In 2012, the largest wind farm in Canada was inaugurated in the nearby mountains, producing 211.5 MW with 141 wind turbines.

Population: 1,131 (2023)
Demonym: Mont-Louisiens, Mont-Louisiennes
Area: 230.31 km2
Year founded: 1884

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