Alexis (Dance)

A choreographic epic around the famous Trotteur, this man — this legend! — who ran faster than horses, ships and trains

Follow the 5 performers in a dynamic dance — and at times horsey! —, inspired by the personality, passion and madness of Alexis Lapointe (1860 – 1924), known as “the horse man”.

Marginalized and denigrated by loved ones who did not accept his eccentricity, this character from Quebec folklore with extraordinary physical abilities became, for the society of the time, a fairground animal adored for his exploits and applauded by all with a mixture of curiosity and admiration. How would ALEXIS, this eternal adolescent who dared to magnify his difference, be received today?

One hundred years after the death of Trotteur, Ample Man Danse pays tribute to him through a choreographic process combining contemporary dance and stage interactivity, which explores the mechanisms of creating legends with the leitmotif of the character’s desire for freedom and his need to exist in the eyes of others.

Interactive show, indoor | 65 minutes | Everyone from 10 years old
(Intergenerational project in collaboration with the Maison de la Culture)

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