Archetype Trad show + Jam Trad

Archetype Trad is a duo of violinists composed of Kate Bevan-Baker and Émilie Brûlé. The duo explores the traditional music of Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, Scotland and Ireland. In addition to only offering original arrangements, Archetype Trad composes its own pieces with a traditional influence.
The show will be followed by a traditional jam lasting around 2 hours. A trad jam is an informal event where musicians who are passionate about traditional music come together to play together. Participants often bring their instruments such as violins, flutes, guitars, accordions, and other traditional instruments.
Trad jams are also ideal opportunities for novice musicians to learn from more experienced musicians, thus promoting the sharing of knowledge and the transmission of musical traditions. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere encourages the participation of all, whether amateurs or professionals.
*Suggested voluntary contribution of $10 at entry
*We will have a liquor license that allows you to bring a beverage to the trad jam.

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