Ciné-club Temps d’écran – AU-DELÀ DU PAPIER

At a pivotal moment in the history of writing, where the archives of humanity are migrating to the cloud, a filmmaker undertakes a journey across the planet to better understand how to preserve her own heritage, Romanian and Armenian, but also our collective memory. Combining intellect and poetry, his personal quest with universal accents travels the continuum between paper and digital, reminding us that human knowledge is above all a matter of soul and spirit.

Golden Circle Best Documentary, Sherbrooke World Cinema Festival 2023
Director Oana Suteu Khintirian will be present to chat with the public before and after the screening.

About the director
Oana Suteu Khintirian is a filmmaker and media artist of Romanian-Armenian origin who has lived in Montreal since 1995. Trained in cinema, she has been creating dance films and documentaries for 20 years which have won awards at several international festivals, including Point leakage, Passare and Flow. She has also created installations and immersive environments presented in museums and galleries around the world, in addition to editing numerous documentaries and animated films. BEYOND PAPER is her first feature film as director.

Doors open at 6 p.m. (bar and popcorn)
Free entry, voluntary contribution.

Documentary, NFB, 2022, 2h10min, Oana Suteu Khintirian
French and English, Romanian, Italian, Arabic, Spanish with French subtitles

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