Ciné-club Temps d’écran – QUEERCORE

The documentary film Queercore takes us on a journey to the 80s and 90s and takes as its starting point the experimental artistic journey of the Canadian duo formed by Bruce LaBruce and G.B. Jones. Disgusted with the homophobia of the punk scene of the time and not finding themselves in mainstream gay culture, these two provocateurs took the d.i.y. (do it yourself, do it yourself) literally: they invent from scratch the myth of a pseudo homocore musical scene, which has become queercore (a term derived from hardcore). The ensuing enthusiasm, a true cultural and community momentum, will subsequently inspire many key figures of queer and feminist cultures such as Peaches, Beth Ditto, Kim Gordon, John Waters and many others whose testimony we appreciate on the screen. A story that anchors queerness in the anti-capitalism and anti-conformism of punk culture. A fascinating musical dive with revolutionary resonances.

Documentary, 2017, 1h23, Yoni Leyser
* Collaboration with the Queers on the Run film club

River Park, Mont-Louis (opposite the Pioneer Nursery, 350 rue de l’Église)
*Postponed until the next day in case of rain

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