Nicolas Noël

Did you know that Santa Claus has a magic watch? It allows him to stop time on Christmas Eve in order to distribute gifts to children around the world. In his show, Nicolas Noël tells his audience that his precious object is broken and that the centerpiece is missing: the time crystal! He will not be able to accomplish his mission without this magic crystal!

Accompanied on stage by the elves Trémaline and Pamalin, the authentic Father Nicolas Noël goes on a quest to repair his essential watch! He shares with children his extraordinary adventure at the lair of Chronos, the master of time, and in the heart of surprising places! Can the magical night begin? Will the world of Faerie disappear?

Little ones will experience all kinds of emotions and fabulous moments thanks to this magical tale and the new catchy compositions of Nicolas Noël! In a production suitable for the whole family, everyone will be charmed by the catchy songs and the contagious energy that inhabits them. An unmissable moment of wonder and entertainment during the holiday season, which promises to light up eyes and warm hearts!

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